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Smart Words is a game that assists you in the learning of other language
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Smart Words is an educational game that assists you in the learning of other languages. It works as a puzzle, in which you have to match some English words with their corresponding translated equivalent before time runs out.
The installation comes with a set of 16 Russian dictionaries, which contain the English-Russian word pairs. This game takes these words and mixes them so you can try to correctly select the right correspondence.
You can add more languages by creating dictionaries. You just need a plain text editor, like the Notepad, in which you can paste the text and then save the document with Unicode encoding. Unfortunately, this process is not automatic nor there are dictionaries available for download from the official web site.
Its graphic interface looks pretty old. Even though it has options for changing the color of the skin, the program needs a major interface revamp.
Smart Words is perfect for those who are interested in the learning or increasing of other language lexicon. Even when it has some drawbacks, it is worth you give it a try if you are learning a foreign language.

Misael Aguilar
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  • Helpful for learning language vocabularies with fun
  • Customizable languages


  • Graphic interface looks old
  • Limited functionality
  • Dictionary creation has to be manual
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